languages: eng & rus
pronouns: they/them
contact: instagram DM

instagram: @kolyapokes

website: kolyakotov.com

email: kolyakotov@me.com

Kolya is Studio Hellä’s tattoo apprentice whose passion for tattoos became a profession in 2021. At the moment they are making  hand-poke tattoos and learning machine tattooing.  As they are quite new into tattooing they are experimenting with different styles and techniques as line-work, blackwork, dot work. Kolya describes their tattoos as queer, loud and sometimes provocative.

Kolya is a multidisciplinary visual artist, originally from Russia. They moved to Finland in 2012. At the moment Kolya is a student at the Art Academy in Helsinki where they works mainly with photography, performance and video art. They also has a degree in fashion design and run a limited line of printed apparel @kolyakotov, some of their designs can be found in our Hellä shop.