Preparing for your tattoo appointment

The night before your appointment it’s good to have a good rest.
Eat well before coming to your appointment.
The tattooing process can be a stress on your body so it’s good to come in good shape to endure the process. You also heal better if your are in good health and well rested.

Do not come to get tattooed if you are drunk, under the influence of drugs or intoxicated. Do not come get tattooed if you are hungover.

If you want to use a numbing cream (for example Emla) on the area that will be tattooed before hand, inform your tattoo artist about this.

The tattooer will give you an estimate of how long the appointment will be.

Shaving bodyhair
You don’t need to shave the area that is going to be tattooed beforehand. The tattooer will shave the are before tatooing if needed.

You can bring your own snacks to the studio. We have a fridge, mircowave, electric kettle and dishes you can use.
Especially when making bigger tattoos it’s good to have a break in between the tattooing for the client and tattooer to have something to eat.
The closes supermarket to the studio is K-Market Katajanokka (Satamakatu 3).

You can bring yourself some entertainment for the duration of the tattoo process. You can bring your phone to scroll on, handheld games to play, a book to read or a tablet to watch shows on.
We usually have music playing at the studio but if you want to listen to your own music we can turn our music off.

Wear comfortable, elastic and non-tight clothes, that you don’t mind if they stain – sometimes some tattoo pigment might splash or drip onto clothes. Favour dark clothes. The clothes can be taped onto the skin or rolled up so that only the area that is getting tattooed is exposed, and otherwise the skin is covered as much as possible.

If you want to stay as covered as possible when getting the tattoo, here are some suggestions what to wear:

  • Ribs: Bra that opens in the front or the back; top with very loose “sleeve holes”; button-up shirt; T-shirt that is a bit loose
  • Back: Button-up shirt you can wear so that the front is in the back and it’s open; bra that opens in the back
  • Neck, throat, back of the neck: T-shirt or top
  • Chest, collar bone area: Top with a very open neckline
  • Sternum: Button-up shirt; bra that opens in the front
  • Upper stomach and abdominal area: T-shirt or a top
  • Thighs: Very loose pants, that can be rolled up completely or comfortable, loose or very stretchy shorts
  • Glutes, hips: Comfortable pants, during tattooing only the side that is not getting tattooed is in the pant leg
  • Lower arms: T-shirt or a top or a long-sleeved shirt with loose enough sleeves, so that they can be rolled up
  • Upper arm areas: Sleeveless top or a loose enough T-shirt, so that the sleeves can be rolled and taped up
  • Shoulders: Sleeveless top
  • Shins, calves, ankles: Loose pants, or pants/leggins that have a zipper in the seam of the pant leg
  • Knees: Shorts or
    loose pants