Tattoo aftercare instructions

The tattoo healing process usually takes about one month, depending on the skin of the person and the tatto aftercare.
A fresh tattoo is an open wound with a risk of infection.

If you have a Suprasorb film dressign put on your new tattoo:
You can keep the film on the tattoo for 2-3 days. You can shower with the film on the skin and keep it there even after the shower.
If there are air bubbles under the film or the sides of the film start to come off, remove the film. Take the film off in the shower. Spray water onto the film and slowly pull the film off the skin.
If you pull the film off from dry skin you might rip a part of your skin with it.
Once the area is dry after the shower you can put on a new film on.

If you have cling film put on your tattoo:
You can remove the film once you get home after the tattoo appointment.
Let the fresh tattoo breath under loose clothing or bare.
You can put on cling film or a towel around the tattoo for the first night. The tattoo might bleed blood, color etc onto the sheet on the first night(s).

Keep the tattoo clean!
Dirt on the fresh tattoo can cause infection. Wash the bare tattoo (if you don’t have film dressing on it) every morning and evening. Dry the tattoo by gently pressing on it with clean hands and a clean towel. Do not scrub!
Change clean sheets onto your bed and wear clean clothes. If possible do not sleep with pets on the same bed.

You can put lotion on the tattoo two to four times a day.
If the tattoo feels thight and dry, put lotion on it. Less lotion is better than too much! You might not need any lotion at all if you have oily skin. After showering wait that the tattoo is completely dry before putting lotion on it. Put lotion on with clean hands.
You can use for example coconut oil, Bepanthen (from the pharmacy) or Hustle Butter tattoo cream (you can buy from the tattoo studio).

After the tattooing you might get fewer like symptoms.
Especially if you have a big new tattoo you might get a fewer or flu like symptoms when the tattoo heals. These symptoms should pass in a few days, if not contact a doctor. You can take pain killers for them.

The freshly tattooed area might feel hot.
You can ease the heat by showering cold water on the tattooed area for a few minutes. But be careful that you don’t cause frost bite on the skin!

Don’t rub or scratch the tattoed area!
A scab will develop onto the tattooed area. Don’t rip the scab off but let it fall off by itself. If you sratch the scab off you might rip some color off the tattoo with it. When the scab starts to fall off the tattooed area might feel itchy. You can pat the tattoo gently or shower water on it if the itching annoys you.

Avoid thight and scratchy clothing.
The tattoo needs air to heal. Breathable, loose, cotton clothing is best during healing. A fresh tattoo might bleed blood, color etc onto the clothes, so wear clothes you don’t mind getting stained or dirty.

Don’t go swimming or to the sauna two weeks after getting your tattoo.
You can and should shower.

Avoid heavy sweating and heavy exercise for at least two weeks after getting your tattoo.

Protect the new tattoo from the sun for at least the first month.
Cover the fresh tattoo from the sun. Once the scab is off you can put sunscreen onto the tattoo.

If you are worried that your tattoo might be infected, contact a doctor and your tattooer.

You can contact the tattooer on any questions regarding tattoo aftercare.