Our principles

Zero Discrimination
We have zero tolerance for discrimination. No to rasism, xenophobia, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, ableism and all the other discrimination based on skin colour, gender, sexuality, background, nationality, size, abilities or age. We also don’t allow offensive language or attitude against sex workers.

Safer space for LGBTQAI+ people
All of our studio’s artists are queer. We want to offer a safer space to get tattooed for people who belong to gender or sexual minorities. We don’t make assumptions of other’s gender or sexual or romantic orientation. We respect everyone’s right to define themselves and we respect their identity, name and personal pronouns. We take in account that the tattooing experience might be special for LGBTQAI+ people in many ways. We are informed, for example, how hormonal replacement treatment or transition might affect the tattooing and we are sensitive towards all kinds of bodies.

Safer space principles and communication
We follow our safer space principles at the studio. We respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. We want to make the tattooing as comfortable and safe experience as possible, in which you can trust your artist and the other people at the studio. We don’t touch without consent and we try and guide you through the process so you know what is going to happen next. We check up on how you are feeling during the tattooing process. During the tattooing process the artist usually needs to support their hands or arms against the body of the client and we make sure this is not making you uncomfortable by checking up on you beforehand and during the process.

When getting tattooed you might need to be wearing a bit less clothes than what you’re used to, depending on the placement of the tattoo. We understand that this might feel uncomfortable for some clients, and we have put together a list of tips of what to wear, if you want to cover up as much as possible during the tattooing. You can find the tips here.

Please familiarize yourself with our safer space principles in detail here. The principles can also be found on the walls of our studio.

Every body deserves to have peace
Please give peace to your own and everyone else’s body at our studio – do not comment or judge your own or someone else’s body. This way the tattooing situation and experience is more positive and pleasant for everyone. Every body is good! Our aim is to offer a comfortable tattooing experience for everyone, regardless of the size or shape of the body, or the tone of the skin. We aim to take in account different abilities/features of bodies and types of skin in a sensitive way. Please don’t hesitate to ask when booking your appointment, if there is something that concerns you.

  • Our aim is to make our studio as accessible as possible, but unfortunately the space is not completely physically accessible. Please check our accessibility information with pictures and measurements here. We aim to cater to the needs of as many kinds of bodies as possible and take this into account in what kind of furniture and massage tables we use at the studio. You can find the measurements in the accessibility info.
  • Potential personal assistants are welcome at our studio also during the special arrangements regarding the corona situation.
  • Studio’s bathroom is gender neutral. Please check accessibility info for more details.
  • We try to use non-scented or mildly scented lotions, cleaning equipment and other materials in the tattooing process and at the studio. Please be mindful of people with hypersensitivity to perfumed products and retreat from using perfumed products during the day of your appointment.
  • We aim to be mindful of others’ allergies. Please let us know beforehand, if you are severely allergic to a specific food or an ingredient. This way we can avoid storing or using that allergen at the studio on the day of your appointment.
  • We try to keep the possible noise, music and the volume of the conversation at a level that is comfortable for everyone. We can turn off the music at your request.

We follow the principles of intersectional feminism.

We understand that tattooing is trauma to the skin, but we will do our best to make the experience as comfortable as possible and minimize the trauma. Getting tattooed might make one nervous or anxious. We understand these concerns and will take them into account during the tattooing process.

We desinfect the tattoo station and the equipment before and after the tattooing. We use sterile disposable equipment such as needles, grips, shavers, wraps, plastics, tapes, gloves, bibs etc. We cover non-disposable equipment such as machines and bottles with plastic. Our tattooers protect themselves during the tattooing process with aprons, gloves and face masks. Massage tables and the workstation and protected with plastic

Vegan products
We aim to use as many vegan products in the tattooing process as possible. The stencil paper, tattoo pigments, lotions, ointments etc. we use are all vegan. For some products we don’t know if they are tested on animals but we try our best to use ones that are not. We aim to use only fake leather products such as massage tables.

We try our best to use sustainable materials. We recycle as much as possible of our waste. At the studio we recycle paper, plastic packages, cardboard, bio waste, glass and metal. Supplies used in the tattooing process can be in contact with blood so we put this waste in mixed waste due the health hazards.

Our tattooers travel to work using public transport or by bike.

We do not tattoo offensive or culturally appropriative themes
Our tattooers can refuse to tattoo themes that go against our values, have offensive or discriminative symbols, imagery or words. We don’t tattoo imagery that is fetishizing, exoticizating or stereotyping.

We do not copy other artist’s work
We make only custom tattoos or tattoo designs from our flash. If you have written permission from the original artist or have commissioned or bought the design from the original artist we can then tattoo the design. If you want a tattoo based on a piece by a very well known artist who has passed at least 10 years ago, we can discuss the possibility of tattooing that design.

We don’t tattoo minors
Age limit for tattoos is 18 years at our studio. No exceptions. Please be prepared to prove your age with ID if asked.

We don’t tattoo intoxicated people
Please arrive at the studio with “a clear head”. If you smoke, please don’t do it in front of the studio door or windows.

Our artists can serve you in Finnish and English. Sasha can also serve you in Russian. The info found at our studio is in Finnish and English. In social media and our site we mostly use Finnish and English, sometimes also Russian. If you need an interpreter, they are welcome to our studio also during the special arrangements regarding corona situation.

We strive to learn and grow
We aim to constantly improve our knowledge and skills, and 

we are open to feedback and proposals for improvement.