Safer Space principles

We aim for making the studio as safe as possible for as many people as possible, but we understand it’s not possible to create a space that is completely safe for absolutely everyone. We are happy to take feedback and adjust accordingly.

Please familiarize yourself with our safer space principles and aim to follow them at our studio. You can read more about our values and principles here. Unfortunately the space is not completely physically accessible, please read more info about the accessibility here.

No hate speech
We don’t allow racism, homophobia, transpgobia, misogyny, bodyshaming or other forms of discrimination in our studio. We don’t use language that is hurtful towards oppressed groups of people.

Every body is a good body
We believe that every body deserves to be appreciated the way it is. Please give everyone, including yourself, peace in their body at our studio by not commenting on anyone’s body. We don’t take part in weight loss/diet culture.

Don’t assume
We don’t make assumptions about others. We don’t assume anyone’s gender, sexual/romantic orientation, background, abilities etc. We don’t uphold damaging structures or stereotypes.

Be mindful of others
We respect and are mindful of others in the way we talk and act. We respect everyone’s name and personal pronouns and ask politely if we don’t know them.

Respect boundaries
We respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. We don’t touch without consent. We ask if it’s okay to speak about a subject that might be heavy. We don’t discuss topics that are uncomfortable for others.

Ask before taking photos
Don’t take photos or film others without their consent. Ask before uploading the content online or anywhere.

We take accountability of our own speech and actions and we listen to others. Our aim is to discuss in a constructive way and give others a chance to grow if needed.

We are happy to hear how we could make our studio safer. If you notice or experience any actions that go against safer spce principles in our space, please notify our personnel. Wishes, thoughts and feedback can be send to our email studiohellae ︎